Shadow & Coco


Shadow and Coco came into our care individually, but from the same home where they were kept in small accommodation and had some health concerns.
Once they'd been spayed/neutered, recovered and some TLC, we thought they'd make the perfect match and began their bonding. Just like that, they were in love!
Coco and Shadow enjoy spending their days together, hopping around, engaging with new enrichment and grazing on hay.
They are newly bonded but their love is growing stronger by the day and they are enow ready to find their new home!
Shadow and Coco both have times of confidence, but can also be shy of people. They do not like being picked up (like most Rabbits) but tolerate it when necessary for vet visits, or health checks.
This lovely pair both enjoy being hand fed, and that's a great way to build a bond with Rabbits. Positive, slow socialising should be continued in their new home to help them build trust with you, and then you can reap the rewards 2 lovely bunnies have to offer!

Coco requires frequent grooming due to her long coat, and this is essential to ensure she doesn't get uncomfortable matting which can build up quickly.
Desensitisation to a brush is going to be essential.

Do you have room for this husbun and wife pair?

  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Age: 2 Years Old
  • Breed: Dutch Cross, Lionhead X
  • Reference: RA1528