Festive gift box appeal

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Can you help us make Christmas special?

Festive Gift Box Campaign web banner (3)

Christmas can be a tough time for the animals in our care. This year you can help make the festive season a little bit special for them with a surprise gift box!

So how can you help?

  • Get your whole company, school or family involved!
    • Download a PDF of our promotional poster to display here
  • Get a shoebox (or any size gift box)
  • Take a look below at our animals’ Christmas lists or visit their Amazon wish list for more ideas
  • Fill the box with treats, toys, blankets and practical gifts and gift wrap it
    • Label clearly whether it is for a dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, rat etc.
    • Please mark if the box contains any fresh produce or perishables
    • Don’t forget to add your company/contact details so we can say thank you!
    • You can download a printable gift tag to use here
  • Drop your boxes into our Martlesham animal shelter or any of our shops
  • If you are a school/business, get in touch to arrange bulk collection:
  • Nice snuggly blankets
  • Wagg training treats
  • Schmackos
  • Primula cheese
  • Squeaky toys
  • Snuffle mats or puzzle feeders
  • Lick-e-lix treats (any flavour!)
  • Tins of tuna or salmon
  • Nice bedding/blankets
  • Cat toys (jingly)
  • Litter trays and wood chip cat litter
  • Hay feeders
  • Willow balls
  • Dried fruit treats
  • Hanging mobile toys
  • Puzzle toys
  • Blankets
  • Hedgehog nests/beds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Hay for nibbling
  • Fresh leafy greens
  • Malt paste
  • Furry rugs or blankets for snuggling
  • Ball pit
  • Slinky tunnel toys or drain pipes
  • Cat toys with balls or toys that we can play tug of war with
  • Ferret treats/snacks
  • Dried pasta
  • Dried raisins, apple, cranberry, dates and bananas
  • Rope/wooden bridges
  • Millet/bird seed
  • Gnaw toys
  • Small puzzle feeders
  • Coconut hides
  • Soft paper bedding


  • When would you like the gift boxes by?
    • We would like to start handing out boxes to the animals in our care from 1 December – so it’s never to early to get some boxes under our Christmas tree!
  • Can I include second hand items in my box?
    • Absolutely, all we ask is bedding and toys are clean and dry and any food is in date and sealed.
  • Who will get my box?
    • We will randomly select boxes to give to the animals in our care at our Martlesham Animal Centre.
    • If we are lucky enough to receive more boxes than we need, your gift will be used where it is needed the most, which may include helping animals living in low-income households this winter.
    • You will receive a thank you from the animal that receives your gift box – so remember to include your contact details or social media handle on your gift box label.
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