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Hugo came into the centre after having behavioural problems in the home.
Hugo is a super sweet and affectionate boy who loves having people around him and getting as much fuss as he possibly can! Hugo does have a facial deformity but this does not affect his quality of life - if anything we think this adds to his brilliant character.
Unfortunately, Hugo is also a very sensitive soul who finds certain things in this world scary! Hugo's response to these scary things involves him toileting in inappropriate places as he feels the need to defend himself. When Hugo was first at the centre, he had a few accidents but since settling in with us he is using his tray more frequently and we're hopeful this will continue to improve. To help him in the cattery, we use Feliway in his pen and also give him a supplement in his food which helps with bladder health and anxiety (the branch will help with the cost of these supplements). Hugo is looking for an experienced, patient and kind owner who will give him the time he needs to feel settled and safe in his new home and make adjustments to ensure all his needs and wants are met.
If you have any questions about Hugo and the life he needs and deserves, please call the centre to talk to a member of the cat team to discuss him in more detail!
Are you the right person to give this guy his second chance?

  • Breed: Domestic short-haired
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Living with other animals: I cannot live with a dog, I cannot live with another cat
  • Family Situation: May live with older children (8+ years)
  • Reference: CA1675